Volunteering with the American Pregnancy Association is rewarding because you’re enabling women from all walks of life to experience the joyful journey to motherhood. We’re all about healthy babies and happy families and you can help.

Medical Advisory Council. Our web site is essential to the pregnancy journey of more than 60 million visitors a year. If you’re an OB/GYN physician, nurse or midwife we welcome your knowledge and expertise so our clients have access to the latest and most needed pregnancy wellness information. To discuss your participation on the advisory council please contact [email protected]

Fundraising. The American Pregnancy Association is a non-profit and we can only accomplish our mission through the generosity of our donors and partners. You can conduct a fundraiser and donate the funds to APA for use in education, research and advocacy. Your gifts will ensure women with planned, unplanned and who are planning pregnancies will have the information and options they need to have a healthy pregnancy.

Social Media Ambassador: Help us promote pregnancy wellness by reposting our social media posts and blog articles.