Making a Decision About Your Unplanned Pregnancy

When face with your own unplanned pregnancy, your final decision about your course of action should be the result of your own decision-making process. While it’s okay to consider the opinions of other people, keep in mind that you, not they, will have to live with results.

Would it help to talk it through?

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How to make a decision

The following tips are designed to help you clarify your values, beliefs, and circumstances in order to lead you to the best decision. The direction you decide upon might be the most important decision you have ever made, so be sure to take enough time to consider every aspect of your decision.

  • Find a quiet place where you can sit down with a pen and paper.
    • Record and describe your thoughts and feelings upon discovering that you were pregnant.
    • Make a chart with two columns for each major option. In one column list the positives and in the other column, the negatives.
    • Briefly describe what you think your life and your child’s life would be like based upon the options that you are considering.
  • Try to think about this decision in terms of what is “Good, Better, or Best.” It is easier to see the difference between a bad decision and a good decision than to determine what would be better and best for you and your child.
  • Seek counsel from someone you regard as mature and wise. We’re ready to talk to you too.
  • Consider how others might feel about the possible options. How would the most important people in your life feel?

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