Is Abortion My Only Choice?

Millions of women in the United States ask themselves this question when they have an unplanned pregnancy.  They don’t want to end their pregnancy, but they have a hard time seeing any abortion alternatives. We understand. Perhaps like them, you feel you’re too young to have a baby; you don’t have the income you think you need; your family objects; or the father doesn’t want to be involved.

Let’s talk. We know this is a tough time to be pregnant and you need help understanding all your abortion alternative options. Our team of nurses and pregnancy educators are really good listeners and really want to help you.

You can click the chat button below or call us toll-free at 1-800-672-2296. Our conversation will be confidential.

Learn About Abortion Alternatives

  • We will answer your questions about abortion including the various procedures and the risks.
  • We will tell you how today’s adoption process works and how you can choose your child’s parents, and possibly receive financial support for your living expenses and perhaps schooling expenses during your pregnancy.
  • If parenting is a possibility, we’ll share with you the financial and medical resources available.

Pregnancy Healthcare Support

We can also refer you to a pregnancy resource center near you. You’ll be able to get a pregnancy test, and an ultrasound – most of the time free. They will provide additional resources and walk your pregnancy journey with you. And if you choose to parent yourself, the pregnancy center can provide parenting resources too.

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