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Paternity Tests

DNA Paternity Test

Questions regarding paternity during pregnancy are common. Seeking answers and resolving your concerns has physical, emotional and financial benefits for both you and your unborn

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Unplanned Pregnancy

A Women’s Right to Information

It’s why the American Pregnancy Association is here The American Pregnancy Association is about a woman’s right to information and education.  Whatever their situation, wherever

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Preconception Health for Women

Pregnancy should not be considered a nine-month journey, but a yearlong journey. Knowing that the first few weeks of pregnancy are the most vital to

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Folate and Folic Acid in Pregnancy

Folate and its cousin folic acid are vital for developing a healthy baby because it prevents neural tube defects. Since the neural tube develops within

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Is it Safe While Pregnant

Hair Treatment During Pregnancy

Can I Dye My Hair While Pregnant? Questions related to hair treatments during pregnancy are common. Most treatments involve chemicals and dyes which leave women

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Pre-Pregnancy Detox for Couples

Currently in the US, approximately 700 new chemicals are introduced each year. Most environmental chemicals in our everyday products have entered the marketplace without research

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Getting Pregnant

How to Know if You are Pregnant

The only way to know answer the question “Am I pregnant” is to take pregnancy test. Many early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and fatigue

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Pregnancy Products & Tests

Gender Prediction Tests: The Latest Science

Are gender prediction tests accurate? One of the most widely-searched subjects on the internet for expectant parents is when they can discover their baby’s gender.