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As your baby grows, your body goes through many changes. A typical pregnancy will last 40 weeks (full-term) which is split into three different trimesters of development. Our pregnancy week by week newsletter provides pregnancy updates about how your baby is developing as well as what you can expect to be experiencing week by week, trimester by trimester.

  • First Trimester includes week 1 through 12 weeks
  • The second Trimester includes week 13 through 27 weeks
  • The third Trimester includes week 28 to 40 weeks or the birth of your baby

You can discover the week your baby develops his or her fingerprints or when you can expect to feel movements. By signing up for the week by week newsletter, you will receive helpful tips and recommendations for every phase of your pregnancy. Complete the form below and start getting the insights you need to have a healthy pregnancy.

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