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Baby Formula Shortage

Parents across the country are struggling to find baby formula due to a nationwide shortage. Here is what parents need to know about the baby

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Unplanned Pregnancy

Child Support

What is Child Support? In the eyes of the law, the raising of children and providing financial support for their wellbeing is the responsibility of

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Getting Pregnant

Fertility Lubricants

Many couples use personal lubricants to enhance the pleasure and comfort of intercourse.  Did you know most commonly sold lubricants harm sperm, which can decrease

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Options for Unplanned Pregnancy

Help for Unplanned Pregnancy

Do you need help with an unplanned pregnancy? Rest assured. There are many resources and organizations that help women with unplanned pregnancies. You have many

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Options for Unplanned Pregnancy

Paula’s Adoption Story

Seeing a positive pregnancy test when you’re not ready for a baby is a fearful moment. Paula share’s her journey to adoption in the hopes