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The First Year

Baby Baths

Bathing your baby is not only essential to keeping your little one clean, baby bath time can be an extra special bonding time with your

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Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant Checklist

Your preconception health and preparation are essential to baby making. Here are our Getting Pregnancy Checklist with our top recommendations from our book Planning Your

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The First Year

Sex After Birth

You just had a baby so there are many reasons you may not feel like having sex right now.  Take heart, your sex drive and

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Birth Control Pills, Patches & Devices

Why Has My Period Changed?

Birth control pills use hormones to regulate ovulation and switching brands or types may affect your menstrual cycle. Did My New Brand of Birth Control

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Week by Week Newsletter

6 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations!  Week 6 is when most women discover they are pregnant. This week-by-week newsletter will keep you informed about what to expect for you and