IsoLove® BioGels offer safe and natural solutions for your most sensitive issues. Formulated by the celebrated Reproductive Physiologist, Dr. Joanna Ellington, these revolutionary and patent-pending products are unique in that they are 100% isotonic, free of parabens, and pH-matched to your vaginal tissues. Every ingredient used in the IsoLove product line has been carefully chosen to maintain biocompatibility with the ultra-sensitive tissues of the perineal skin, vulva and vagina.

It’s important to note that IsoLove® BioGels are isotonic – this means the salt concentration of IsoLove products are matched to the salt concentration of vaginal cells. Most other lubricants, freshening gels, and massage oils on the market are hypo or hypertonic (too low or too high of a salt concentration compared with vaginal tissues), and cause water to be pushed into, or pulled out of the vaginal cells. This unnatural and forced movement of water changes vaginal cell shape and biology for the worse and can lead to tissue damage, irritation, and general disruptions to the vaginal ecosystem.

IsoLove differs from these other products in that it won’t push or pull water out of the vaginal cells. Instead, IsoLove re-hydrates tissue to normal, healthy levels, and helps maintain the integrity of the vaginal cell structure and ecosystem. IsoLove has filed the first patent application of its kind built specifically around the concept of vaginal care products that “do no harm”.

IsoLove BioGels a wide range of isotonic vaginal products for all phases of a woman’s life. IsoLove BabyIt is the only isotonic, paraben-free gel designed specifically for perineal massage and postparturm recovery. IsoFresh is a natural douche alternative that helps eliminate unwanted feminine odor and promotes optimal vaginal pH. BabyDance Fertility Lubricant is the only FDA-cleared lubricant for trying-to-conceive couples that is made without parabens.

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