infant cpr and first aid class
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Infant CPR & First Aid Class

A Single Group Class

Of all the Infant Care Seminars and Classes, this one has the potential to make the most immediate impact. Of course we wish only happiness, but should infant first aid be needed, we want to prepare you to perform CPR on an infant.

Knowing how to perform CPR on a baby is truly a life changing skill, that we hope you will never have to use. The objective of this class is to provide you first aid training to ensure that you are prepared in case of emergency.

Infant CPR &
First Aid Class Video

Join Us for This Potentially Life Saving Class

This class is for parents, family, and friends, with the goal of teaching you life saving skills for infants and toddlers. A guide for infant CPR will be taught, however, for medical professionals or teachers, please note this class does not meet certification requirements. We hope you enjoy this short video!

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