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Infant Care Classes

Caring for Baby - Three Part Series

This postpartum class is tailored for parents and their babies aged 2 to 12 weeks. Whether you are seeking advice for new parents or you have a wealth of experience and are seeking a refresher, this baby care course has lots to offer. We will cover the “Fourth Trimester” offering strategies to tackle the initial challenges of parenthood, such as sleeping, feeding, and soothing cries. A qualified instructor will guide the class through these helpful topics and more while always being open to questions and group discussions. Partners and babies are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Caring for Baby Class Video

Discover This Helpful Series of Baby Classes

Baby Health and Wellness Classes are an important part of new parent education, exploring all the various types of care a baby may need. This infant care workshop is in a friendly group setting where the class leader will share important topical information and the group has an opportunity to respond. We hope you enjoy this short video!

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