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Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding Tips - Three Part Series

Breastfeeding may be natural for many babies, while parents may need nursing techniques courses to prepare for feeding their infant. Don’t worry, everyone is welcome! In this three part course with a Lactation Educator there will be ample time for questions and answers. We will cover:

  • Class 1: Making Milk – How to make plenty of milk for your baby
  • Class 2: Breastfeeding essentials – Position, Latch, and Common Concerns
  • Class 3: Sustaining Breastfeeding – Keeping breastfeeding strong

At the end of this three course series we hope that, of all the new mom breastfeeding courses available, you feel this one gave you the most opportunity to learn, share, and ask questions.

Breastfeeding Class Video

Join Us for This Important Series of Classes

Feeding your baby is a personal and empowering skill. Understanding the breastfeeding positions is a helpful beginning, then successfully having your baby latch is a common concern. We are here to help! Our virtual lactation consultants will guide you through the process during this three part class. We hope you enjoy this short video!

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