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Customized Prenatal Classes & Infant Care

Group Classes or Private Telehealth Sessions

Pregnancy Help for Your Journey

Baby Classes

Group Classes

Learning Together on Your Pregnancy Path

In our group classes, digital pregnancy support is friendly and interactive as expectant or new moms learn together. Classes are led by trained health care experts who teach about different topics like prenatal nutrition, making a birth plan, preparing for your baby’s arrival and breastfeeding tips or infant care. It’s a great way to meet others and feel part of a community during your pregnancy.
good afternoon prenatal talk bubble
Telehealth Maternity Instructor
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New Parent
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Private Telehealth

Personalized, One-on-One Pregnancy Care

In private sessions, you have access to online maternity care solutions designed to meet your individual needs. Expectant or new moms receive one-on-one attention and advice that’s just for them, from healthcare experts. You can talk about anything that’s on your mind in a private setting and get advice that fits your needs. These helpful sessions are easily scheduled anytime during your pregnancy.

Partnering to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes

American Pregnancy Association

& BabyLiveAdvice

Embrace a Supportive Pregnancy Experience

American Pregnancy Association now has new group classes and private telehealth sessions to help with your pregnancy journey. We know that support is extremely important during pregnancy and want you to know that you are never alone with our group classes & telehealth appointments, through our partner BabyLiveAdvice. You are welcome to join a group to learn with others or talk privately with a healthcare expert, if you have personal questions. Friendly, trained experts in baby care lead all our sessions. So, don’t worry, you’re always in trusted care!

Our Pregnancy Classes

For Every Stage of Motherhood

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childbirth preparation class intro

Childbirth Preparation

Prepare for labor, delivery, and recovery with an in-depth series covering everything from pain management to postpartum care.

preparing for baby class intro

Preparing for

Discover everything you need to know about your baby’s first months, from immediate care to early development, in our detailed three-class series.

pregnancy nutrition and diabetes class intro

Pregnancy Nutrition & Diabetes

Learn about healthy eating, managing gestational diabetes, and supporting your and your baby’s health during pregnancy in our informative class.

caring for baby class intro

Caring for Baby

Get expert guidance on handling the ‘fourth trimester’s challenges, by including sleep, feeding, and soothing techniques.

breastfeeding class intro


Learn the essentials of breastfeeding, including techniques and tips for a successful start, in our comprehensive three-part series led by experts.

infant cpr and first aid class intro

Infant CPR & First Aid

Equip yourself with crucial lifesaving skills for infants and toddlers in emergencies, focusing on CPR and first aid techniques in our practical class.

Trusted Care

Access reliable advice from trained pregnancy professionals. Trusted by over 75,000 happy moms.

Convenient & Flexible

Join online from any location, with a variety of scheduling options to choose from.

Wide Range of Experts

All sessions hosted by trained specialists covering topics like prenatal care, childbirth, infant care & more!