Unplanned Pregnancy Support Groups

When I had an unplanned pregnancy years ago, I could barely think straight. All the fears and the “what if’s” consumed my every thought. There was so much confusion in my head. It was all jumbled and full of the worst case scenarios that could possibly happen in my situation. Fear can make us do crazy things that we regret later. It’s important for us to try to calm down, take a deep breath and try to sort our thoughts to focus on the positive. Here are a few ideas from Embrace Grace that  you can do to catch your breath and calm your thoughts:

1. Clear Your Mind – Sit down and write what you’re thinking and feeling. If a negative thought tries to creep in, just take hold of it and replace it with a positive. What good can you find in this situation? How could your future look so much brighter with your baby if you just made a few changes in your life? Maybe this pregnancy is the best thing that could have ever happened to you. Maybe you would be an amazing mom and maybe you don’t have to do this alone. Think about what you have overcome in your past because you are strong! You can do this!

2. Go for a Walk – Sometimes in a crisis moment, we get tunnel vision. We can’t see anything around us except for the perceived problem that’s in front of us. It’s easy to overreact when we can’t see a way out of our situation easily. Taking a walk outside can do wonders for changing our perspectives! It will help you see that the world is a big place and that what you are going through might be part of a bigger plan for your life that you’ve never thought of before. It gives you an opportunity to reflect and make decisions that are not clouded by panic and fear.

3. Find a Support Group – We need each other! And you don’t have to walk this journey alone. Did you know that there are many women that have been in your situation before and they have chosen life and are thriving now? And did you know that there are women right now that are facing a similar situation as you and could use a friend like you? Going through something like this together can build bonds that last a lifetime! Find a support system like an Embrace Grace group in your community that will help and empower you because they believe in you!

There are Embrace Grace Support Groups around the nation for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, just go to EmbraceGrace.com to find a group near you!

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