Planning Your Pregnancy

Now let’s be realistic, most of us spend our initial reproductive years trying NOT to get pregnant. Whether we’re using barrier, hormonal or other methods of birth control, we’ve manipulated our bodies to some extent to prevent pregnancy. Now that you’ve made the decision to have a child, let’s look at how to get pregnant and all the factors that may affect and improve your chances of having a baby.

The average healthy couple has about a 25 percent chance of achieving pregnancy each month. Most experts suggest couples try for at least a year (six months for women aged 35+) before consulting a doctor about possible fertility issues. Rest assured you’re not alone.

  1. Pre-Pregnancy Detox for Couples

    Currently in the US, approximately 700 new chemicals are introduced each year. Most environmental chemicals in our everyday products have entered the marketplace without research or testing into their reproductive or other long-term toxic effects. The chemical companies don’t need... more...
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  1. Fertility Test for Women
    When a couple has been unsuccessful at achieving pregnancy after one year,...
    Posted on: 04/24/2017
  2. Boost Your Fertility with Supplements
    Our modern world abounds with pregnancy-harming substances known as free radicals and...
    Posted on: 08/23/2019
  3. Developing a Fertility Life Plan
    Do you want kids? When would you like to have kids? How...
    Posted on: 03/24/2018
  4. How to Get & Keep a Healthy Sperm Count
    Are you and your partner struggling to get pregnant? Although it may...
    Posted on: 10/04/2019
  5. Fertility and Infertility FAQs
    There are a lot of myths surrounding issues of fertility and infertility....
    Posted on: 04/24/2017
  6. Fertility Lubricants
    Many couples use personal lubricants to enhance the pleasure and comfort of...
    Posted on: 09/17/2018
  7. Infertility Terms To Know
    The medical world has a language all its own. As you navigate...
    Posted on: 04/24/2018
  8. Male Fertility Testing After Vasectomy
    Male fertility testing after a vasectomy is a normal routine procedure.  The...
    Posted on: 10/19/2017
  9. Preconception Health for Women
    Pregnancy should not be considered a nine-month journey, but a yearlong journey....
    Posted on: 04/11/2018
  10. Preconception Nutrition
    Preconception nutrition research has shown that food and healthy nutrition are tied...
    Posted on: 04/24/2019
  11. Preconception Wellness – Prepare for the Unexpected
    Planning to get pregnant can be a powerful motivating factor to help...
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