Bonding with your baby after he or she is born in most cases comes naturally. There’s nothing hard about cuddling, kissing, and loving on your little one to get to know them. You have maternal instincts to guide you. However, it might be a challenge to establishing a strong bond before birth. If you have no idea what to do, no worries; there are at least sixteen ways to bond with your baby while pregnant.

16 Ways to Bond With Your Baby While Pregnant

1.  Sing – Your baby loves the sound of your voice, as it soothes them. It is the primary vibration they know. Sing nursery rhymes, your favorite songs, the alphabet, or make-up songs on your own. Either way, they’ll enjoy it and may recognize the songs once they’re born.
2.  Listen To Music – Whether you use a pregnancy/prenatal music belt or just play your music loud, you and your baby will enjoy the vibrations together. Children’s music, your favorite songs, or classical music exposes them to different genres.
3.  Dance – Gentle movement releases endorphins and is the perfect way to bond with your developing baby. When a mom feels good, baby feels good. This carefree way to happiness is ideal for bonding.
4.  Read Out Loud – It’s never too early to start reading to the baby – they’ll learn to love books at a very young age. The sound of your voice will soothe them. Read a book out loud every night to get them accustomed to a nighttime routine. If you read during the day start reading out loud, this is great for your little one.
5.  Talk To The Baby – Talk to the baby in a calm, loving tone. They’ll quickly recognize the sound of your voice. Call out people by name, have conversations with the baby, and describe actions and places. Most importantly, do not forget to say “I love you” often.
6.  Call Your Baby By His or Her Name – Call your baby by his or her name and nickname. Put it in a song or something. The baby may turn its head to the sound of your voice faster than you think. Try this during an ultrasound. Sing a song you regularly sing or say her or his name and see if you get a response.
7.  Meditate – Meditate with your hands resting on your belly to relax baby. As you focus on bonding, the baby will be focused on your heartbeat while making a connection. Deep calming breaths will bring a healing focus inward towards your little pumpkin.
8.  Family Time – Acclimate the baby to family time, so the sounds and voices are familiar. By encouraging dad, family, and friends to talk to your bump, they’ll bond faster with their loved ones after they’re born.
9.  Yoga or Gentle Exercise – The easy motion of prenatal yoga, stretching, walking or swimming will rock baby to sleep. You could even do it at the same time every evening, and that might become a baby’s bedtime.
10.  Rub Your Belly – Massage your belly frequently and while talking to the baby. A simple trick to remember to do this is, talk to them while you rub olive oil on your belly to prevent stretch marks. You can tell them about your hopes and dreams for them or describe what you are gonna do that day. When they kick, gently nudge them back.
11.  Start a Pregnancy Journal – Start writing in a pregnancy journal and read your entries out loud to your little one. When your pregnancy is over, you and your child will enjoy re-reading your entries together.
12.  Create Some Belly Art – Find someone to paint your baby bump with non-toxic paints. This is a fun way to bond. Afterward, you can show your child the pictures of the artwork and let them know they were a part of making it.
13.  Do a Belly Cast – Find someone to create a belly cast to help preserve your bump after pregnancy. When they are older, your belly cast will be a reminder of your closeness.
14.  Book a Maternity Session – A maternity shoot is another great way to bond with your baby during pregnancy. The photoshoot is all about you and your baby. Afterward, you will have beautiful pictures reminding them of your bond before they were born.
15.  Schedule Some Relaxation – Whether you choose a prenatal massage, chiropractic adjustment, facial, or a relaxing soak in the tub, your baby will feel relaxed with you. Stress is an enemy to a healthy pregnancy. Finding ways to manage stress and relax is a wonderful way to bond.
16.  Smell the Roses – Pick your favorite flowers from the garden, stop by a flower shop or enjoy the flowers at a local Botanical Garden. Artificial smells can be dangerous for you and your baby, but natural flowers will brighten any day with scent and color.
Pregnancy bonding lays the foundation for the baby’s future relationships. This is the perfect time to bond with your sidekick and allow them to enjoy your voice, favorite songs, foods, sounds, and smells.