Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Five Simple Gender Reveal Party Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off

Gender-reveal parties are all the rage—and no wonder! One of the most exciting parts of being expectant parents is finding out if you’re having a boy or a girl. So why not come up with a fun way to announce the big news to family and friends, right? Unfortunately, as the gender-reveal craze grew, so did the pressure to up the ante and go bigger and fancier with the parties In fact, in September of 2020, a pyrotechnic device used at such a party accidentally started a huge wildfire in California. Yikes! You can go simpler—much simpler—and still make it fun. Here are 5 simple gender-reveal party ideas anyone can pull off.

 1. Balloon in a Boxballoon gender reveal | American Pregnancy Association

This is charming, sweet, inexpensive (yay!), and oh so easy. Have fun decorating a giant box and then fill it with helium-filled mylar and or latex balloons in pink or blue. You can do it yourself, but—if you really want to go as simple and trouble-free as possible—there are lots of party stores and online retailers who offer ready-made gender reveal balloon boxes.

2. Cheers!

Once all your guests have arrived, it’s time to serve them something to drink. Toast your upcoming lemonade gender reveal | American Pregnancy Associationbundle of joy with either pink lemonade or regular lemonade with a dash of blue food coloring. Does it get any simpler than this? Bottoms up!

3. Tee it Upgolf ball gender reveal | American Pregnancy Association

If you like things that explode, you can have loads of colorful fun at your gender reveal party without burning down the house or breaking the bank with expensive fireworks. How about an exploding golf ball? A quick internet search will find a whole lot of options for you. When the golf ball is hit, it bursts with either pink or blue powder. Fun! (Photo credit: Party Time)

4. Let Big Brother or Sister Do the Honors

If you have an older child, why not make them feel special too and give them a memory that will last a lifetime?gender reveal test pink and blue hands | American Pregnancy Association When it’s time to reveal baby’s gender, have the child parade through the party wearing a white t-shirt decorated with their handprints in either pink or blue. Or mom can change into a t-shirt pre-decorated with her child’s handprints or even footprints.

5. Break Out the Cakecake gender reveal | American Pregnancy Association

It’s the mother (so to speak) of all gender-reveal party ideas, and it’s forever popular because it’s so simple and yummy! When you cut into that sugary goodness, the color of the cake tells the story. You can either make it at home or—better yet—put your feet up and have a bakery make it for you.

Have Fun!

So you’ve found out your baby’s gender and you’re ready to reveal it to your little world. Gender reveal party ideas don’t have to be fancy, complicated, or expensive. They just don’t. It’s important to keep your eye on what’s most important: the love and support of family and friends and the future arrival of a precious new member of your clan.

(Don’t know your baby’s gender yet? Check out our recommended at-home Peekaboo™ gender reveal DNA test to find out if you’re having a boy or girl as early as 6 weeks.)

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