What Happens in the Womb During Pregnancy? (VIDEO)

Every pregnancy, every birth, and every baby is completely unique but we all started the same way. From sperm to dividing cells of specific DNA, our beginnings make us the same and yet different. This Life Before Birth video explains what happens in the womb during pregnancy.

What Happens In The Womb During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, changes take place that causes early pregnancy symptoms to prep your body for growth and birthing a baby. So many changes take place in a pregnant woman’s body to help grow and birth a healthy bouncing baby and most are unseen for a long time. A baby’s development in the womb is an amazingly delicate process and this video brings the cycle to life in a beautiful way.

Did you know that the term “Fetus” in Latin means “offspring”? This is can be found at the (21:00) mark.
At 8 weeks old and less than 3 cm long, a baby can be seen making his or her first movements with a 4D scan. Check it out on the video at the (29:38) mark.

How about this fact, fraternal twins have separate placentas and amniotic sacks. That can be seen at the (34:00) mark. Well, maybe a few of you smartypants already knew the last one. That is what is encouraging about you mommas today, you seek to learn everything about your baby.  And that is what we love about you!

If this is your first pregnancy, this is a video you want to make time for, along with all the week by week emails you have subscribed to receive.

Happy Momma, Happy Baby = Healthy Momma, Healthy Baby

I can bet you have heard the phrases, “happy momma, happy baby” or “healthy momma, healthy baby”. (This will not be the last time, promise!) Both of these phrases are completely true. In fact, in the womb, your baby experiences everything you experience, from your emotions, your surrounding environment to the food you eat.
When it comes to food, you can prep your baby’s palette while pregnant by what you eat. Check out the (54:00) mark on the video and see how strong smells and tastes pass through the amniotic fluid.

(Side note: I must have consumed a lot of garlic hummus during my pregnancy because my LO is a garlic and hummus connoisseur.)

As for your emotions and the surrounding environment, an advanced study done at Emory University School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences has shown startling outcomes related to The Effects of Maternal Stress and Anxiety During Pregnancy. High levels of constant stress or anxiety during pregnancy can create immediate long-term issues for the developing baby.

Some of the findings/effects on the baby are low birth weight, preterm birth, miscarriage, fussiness,  temperamental, delayed mental development, attention issues, emotional issues and in cases of severe conditions such as famine or natural disaster, mental illness in adulthood.

Whoa, momma! Finding ways to handle pregnancy stress is crucial for a happy and healthy pregnancy. If you have experienced pregnancy loss or infertility, you are not alone! We have a great love for you and embrace you with a virtual hug right now. Hope is truly all we have to share and hold on to.

Seek support from women that have been there too through a great organization like Hope Mommies. Tell them we sent you, the ladies there are so kind. They have been there too. Having a community is extremely important, so find one that fits you.

There are several videos out there to check out when it comes to what is happening inside during pregnancy. If you have a favorite let us know, we would love to check it out!


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