To All the Expecting Fathers: This Bumpy Truth

The Test Said Positive! Now What?Odds are pretty high that your significant other has just informed you that she is in fact pregnant.
Good, bad or indifferent, this is life changing news.

Rest easy knowing that whether a pregnancy is planned or unplanned we are never fully prepared for this chapter. And that is okay!

This is a journey that will change you in a way that those around you may or may not understand. You may not even understand. And that is okay too.
So, I know you have questions, anxieties, fears and even possibly nostalgia.
Good news is you’re here, educating yourself and preparing yourself for the new life you helped create. She/he will be a part of you for life and you are on the right path.

At the risk of sounding super basic, the best thing to do now is be the best support system she has to help power her through the process of growing a human. Y’all’s human!


  • She will need plenty of water and healthy food options.
  • Getting sunshine (Vitamin D) is crucial.
  • Stay active with her: going on walks, yoga, barre etc.
  • Attend the doctor appointments as frequently as possible! There is nothing like hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time and every other chance you get. It will melt your heart and if you allow it to happen, it will ease your soul and your fears.
  • If she is extremely nauseous in the mornings, ensure she has crackers beside her bed each night. They also make organic pregnancy pops to alleviate some of the nausea. These pops contain ginger, which is the ingredient that is known to help lessen the symptoms. Surprise her with some to show your support!

Kudos, Gentlemen! If you made it this far in the post, then pat yourself on the back! You are going to rock this new gig as a dad! You are invested and that is half the battle. Now, just show up and enjoy the journey!
Parenthood can be a scary thing. If you and your significant other have any questions on what options are available to you. Please follow this link for more information.