Prenatal Care Schedule in a Multiples Pregnancy

Women expecting multiples will have different experiences than those carrying a single baby. Since multiples are at a greater risk of developing complications, your healthcare provider will want to see you more frequently. Let’s look at your prenatal care schedule.

Prenatal care schedule for a multiples pregnancy

Your first trimester prenatal schedule may not differ from that of a single pregnancy; however, you may discover that your healthcare provider wants to see you every two to three weeks. Once you enter into your second trimester, you should expect to have two prenatal visits per month.

During the third trimester, you should anticipate weekly prenatal appointments. Your healthcare provider may change the number of appointments based on the health of you and your babies.

Why do I need to make more frequent visits?

Women who are having multiples are at a greater risk of experiencing complications during their pregnancy. Frequent prenatal visits allow your healthcare provider to monitor both your health and the health of your babies.

This allows for proper prevention, detection, and treatment of any complications that could occur. If complications occur, your visits will become even more frequent. Your healthcare provider will determine the exact prenatal schedule that will benefit both you and your babies.

What kind of complications will I be monitored for?

The most common complications include:

You Might Need Bed Rest

If you do have complications associated with a multiples pregnancy, your doctor may recommend some level of bed rest to minimize potential risks to the mother (such as preeclampsia) or for the babies (such as preterm labor). Some doctors routinely prescribe rest after 24 weeks, while others take a “wait and see” approach.

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