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Choosing your pregnancy healthcare providers is an important decision because this is the person/team you will rely on to guide you through your pregnancy. Most women chose an obstetrician. If you do, make sure they have the right credentials, such as being “board-certified”. Some chose a midwife which is a health professional trained to help healthy women during labor, delivery and after the birth of their baby.

  1. Birthing Choices: Health Care Providers And Birth Locations

    Throughout your pregnancy, you will have many birthing choices and pregnancy decisions to make regarding exercise, clothing, prenatal care providers, a birth location, and more. Decisions concerning your choice of a health care provider and your birth location are particularly... more...
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  1. Choosing an Obstetrician
    Tips on Choosing an Obstetrician An obstetrician, also commonly called an OB/GYN,...
  2. Choosing a Pediatrician
    Choosing a pediatrician might not appear to be important early in pregnancy,...
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  3. Midwives
    The Benefits of Midwives Midwives are health care professional who provides an...
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  4. Having a Doula – What are the Benefits?
    The doula  is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical,...
    Posted on: 04/25/2019
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