A Doula Is Your Birth Friend Forever (BFFs)

Ginny’s unplanned pregnancy changed her life and sparked a new passion for helping women achieve a wonderful birth experience.

Love, Breathe, Just Doula

Ginny Phang’s story is an inspiring story about hard choices and determination that helped her discover how to give birth naturally and breastfeed on her own. When her boyfriend told her to have an abortion and her parents stated she would need to leave if she kept it, she paved her own road/future.

Her determination and situation created a new life for herself and her son. A life that involved her being an inspiration and Doula for women that also had a desire for an enjoyable and natural birth experience.

I love watching her speak, her energy is so fresh and genuine. She breaks down the pain cycle into three parts, it starts at fear which leads to tension and then creates pain. Her answer to this cycle? To kiss your partner passionately with each contraction.
Phang expresses that stress, fear, tension lead to pain and prolonged labor. To succeed in an enjoyable birth experience one must eliminate the fear completely. Here are her 4 steps to planning for a natural birth.

How To Plan For a Natural Birth

  1. Eliminate Fear
  2. Find Coping Techniques
  3. Prepare a Birth Plan
  4. Get a Doula

You may be asking your self what all will a Doula do for your birth experience. I found this infographic to sum up the main focus of a Doula.

It is short and sweet but drives the main points of focus and benefits in.


A Doula Is Your Birth Friend Forever

A Doula supports you and your partner throughout your labor and birth as well as helps you postpartum or after delivery.
Doula’s help you stick to birth plans, if and when possible, they help you relax and give you the confidence you need throughout labor to have an enjoyable birth experience no matter what comes up. They know all the little tricks and tips to help you move into and through labor naturally.

Everyone has different wonderful reasons why they love their Doula because every birth is unique. You will create a bond with someone that will last a lifetime because a Doula truly becomes a great friend and guide into motherhood.

We love our Doula BFFs and that is why we encourage all to Love, Breathe and Just Doula.



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