Prodromal-Labor-woman-in-pain | American Pregnancy AssociationIt’s best to learn about possible complications so you can discuss solution scenarios with your healthcare provider.

  1. Premature Birth Complications

    Risks for Premature Newborns Babies born before the 37th week of gestation are considered premature.  Premature newborns are sometimes referred to as “preemies”.  Mothers who have their baby prematurely are often frightened and nervous.  Premature newborns face an increased risk... more...
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  1. Breech Births
    Most babies will move into delivery position a few weeks prior to...
    Posted on: 04/26/2012
  2. Cesarean Procedure
    Cesarean birth happens through an incision in the abdominal wall and uterus...
    Posted on: 04/25/2020
  3. C-Section Complications
    As with any surgical procedure, there are risks of C-Section complications. It...
    Posted on: 04/25/2012
  4. Fetal Distress
    Historically, the term fetal distress has been used to describe when the...
    Posted on: 08/28/2014
  5. Congenital CMV and Birth Defects
    Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, is a very common member of the herpes family...
    Posted on: 12/30/2017
  6. Umbilical Cord Prolapse and Compression
    What is Umbilical Cord Prolapse? Sometimes, before or during labor, the umbilical...
    Posted on: 08/18/2017
  7. Cervical Cerclage
    When a woman’s cervix is weak (sometimes called incompetent cervix) she is...
    Posted on: 04/26/2012
  8. Incompetent Cervix: Weakened Cervix
    During pregnancy, as the baby grows and gets heavier, it presses on the...
  9. Placenta Previa
    Placenta Previa is a condition where the placenta lies low in the...
    Posted on: 04/26/2017
  10. Placenta Accreta
    Placenta Accreta: Symptoms, Risks, and Treatment The placenta normally attaches to the...
    Posted on: 04/26/2019
  11. Retained Placenta
    Many women don't realize that the birth of the baby doesn't complete...
    Posted on: 05/15/2017
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