Pregnancy and Ice Cream

Can I safely eat ice cream while pregnant?

YES, thanks to Nightfood’s new Nighttime Ice Cream pregnant women can safely satisfy their cravings with eight flavors of yummy deliciousness without the sugar spikes, heartburn, and insomnia of regular ice cream. Nightfood is offering new moms TWO FREE PINTS with this secret link

The team of sleep and nutrition experts at Nightfood formulated their ice cream to be a pregnancy-friendly, guilt-free nighttime snack with a sleep-friendly nutritional profile that completely satisfies your crave monster.

Why do pregnant women have cravings?

Doctors don’t know exactly why women crave certain tastes, textures or flavor combinations. According to the Journal of American Dietetic Association, most cravings are the body’s attempt to obtain vitamins or minerals that are missing through normal food consumption. It may be changing hormones or the extra work your body does to sustain your baby.

It’s important to eat a nutritious diet when you’re pregnant and that means lean meats, fish, eggs, plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoiding sugar and fat along with regular exercise are important to a healthy pregnancy.

The best ice cream to eat while pregnant

Nightfood Nighttime Ice Cream is the Official Ice Cream of the American Pregnancy Association because it includes more protein plus prebiotic fiber, digestive enzymes, amino acids and a special mineral blend that includes magnesium and calcium. These ingredients can mean less acid reflux, help prevent sugar spikes and make it more sleep-friendly. Because it also has less sugar, fat, and calories, it’s more waistline-friendly too.

Forget the pickles and relish this ice cream

Pregnant moms now have a new BFF in Nightfood. It’s sleep expert and crave monster approved, and now American Pregnancy Association recommended. Place an order today!
Nightbood Nighttime Ice Cream | American Pregnancy Association