How to Burp Your Baby

Burping helps everyone expel air that was ingested along with food and drink. Babies aren’t able to burp on their own so it’s very important you learn when and how to burp your baby. When you’re breastfeeding, pause every 5 minutes or so and burp baby. If you’re bottle feeding, burp after every couple of ounces.

The Best Ways to Burp a Baby

On Your Shoulder: Hold baby firmly against your chest and shoulder, supporting their bottom with one hand and gently patting and rubbing their back with your other hand. This position most consistently produces productive burps. Remember to place a protective cloth on your shoulder to protect your clothes.

Sitting Up: Sit baby on your lap with their head leaning forward but not flopping backwards or to the side. Support their chest with your hand/arm as you hold them under their arm pit. Pat and rub their back.

Face-Down On Your Lap: Place baby face down on your lap, with their tummy on one of your legs and head resting on the other. Hold baby securely with one hand while patting and rubbing their back with the other. This lap position may be extra soothing for infants experience colic.


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