Is Breast Milk a Possible Cure For Cancer?

Breast milk as a possible cure for cancer is quite a statement and raising a few eyebrows. Researchers found a substance in breast milk nicknamed ‘HAMLET’, that kills cancer cells while not targeting healthy cells nearby.

This video interview is about HAMLET, a tumor killing protein-lipid complex, formed by two naturally occurring molecules from human milk. The tumoricidal complex HAMLET is formed when partially unfolded human alpha-lactalbumin binds to a lipid. HAMLET Pharma will develop HAMLET into a novel cancer therapeutic,

Could Breast Milk Be a Possible Cure For Cancer?

As a mother that is still breastfeeding a toddler, this kind of claim has me feeling more and more like a superhero. Of course, many more studies must be done before I can officially feel like my breasts are carrying a cure for the world.
For now, I am happy to be accommodating my LO with supplemental nutrition his little body needs and a possible super substance.

This fairly recent discovery happened while Swedish researchers were looking for “novel antimicrobial agents” which fresh breast milk is an excellent source of.

Prof Svanborg claims this realization happened by chance in the lab one day.

“During one experiment we needed human cells and bacteria to be present, and we chose human tumour cells for practical reasons. To our amazement when we added this compound of milk, the tumor cells died. It was a totally serendipitous discovery.”

The HAMLET research team believes ‘HAMLET’ produces a reaction with a protein-lipid once it enters the gut called, alpha-lactalbumin, which then begins to target cancer cells. In a matter of a few days, the cancerous cells are attacked, killed and secreted through urine.

Svanborg states in the video that oleic acid and alpha-lactalbumin are found abundantly in human breast milk and together form a “tumor cell killing complex with surprisingly broad activity”.

This is exciting news for Sweden with the statistics of every 1/3 person developing a form of cancer. So far the HAMLET research team has seen effects in brain tumors, colon cancer, and bladder cancer. Two clinical studies have been completed in patients with skin papillomas and bladder cancer.
Since going public, they are now getting educational and government funding for Phase 11 controlled clinical trials.

What Does This Mean For Breastfeeding Moms Everywhere?

Well, what do we know for sure as moms? Most are sure that breast milk is ‘liquid gold’ for our growing babies. We have learned that breast milk can help heal an ear infection. We found out that breast milk can relieve eczema, other skin conditions like baby acne and diaper rashes.

Most breastfeeding moms already feel like it could cure anything that ails your LO’s. Will research, clinical studies, and official statements change how we feel about breastfeeding? That remains to be seen. The idea that more women consider breastfeeding (that are able to) after learning something like this is exciting.

Whether the world catches on to all the unseen benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding is irrelevant as long as all moms everywhere realize, breastfeeding or not, they truly are superheroes without a cape.