Congratulations! And welcome to this most special time of your life. No doubt you have questions about how to have a healthy pregnancy journey. There’s a lot to know about your changing body, your baby’s development, staying healthy, medications, labor and delivery.

Rest assured we have the information you need.  Browse our articles and if you have questions, our nurses and pregnancy educators are available to you through the chat window below or our helpline.

  1. Cord Blood Banking

    Your baby’s umbilical cord is made of tissue that protects and insulates the veins responsible for carrying blood to and from mom and baby during pregnancy. In addition to playing the role of protector, your baby’s umbilical cord tissue is... more...
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  1. Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy
    The best sleep position during pregnancy is "SOS" (sleep on side) because...
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  2. COVID-19 Vaccines and Pregnancy
    The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has given its emergency use...
    Posted on: 02/09/2021
  3. Preparing for Labor Checklist
    Are you prepared for labor? You've spent months preparing to welcome the...
    Posted on: 02/05/2021
  4. General Anesthesia
    Is General Anesthesia Used During Labor? Being informed about general anesthesia will...
    Posted on: 01/26/2021
  5. How to Boost Immunity While Pregnant
    One of your biggest concerns right now is probably how to boost...
    Posted on: 01/13/2021
  6. Eating Seafood During Pregnancy
    Yes! The key is eating the right fish during your pregnancy. The...
    Posted on: 12/20/2020
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