New moms need all the support they can get – during pregnancy and those important first post-partum months. That’s why Slumbar Pillows’ Sprout™ is the official pregnancy pillow of the American Pregnancy Association.

Why? Because we have rigorously tested, analyzed and used it ourselves. Slumbar Pillows seeks to provide clinically-proven and structurally significant therapeutic pillows that deeply emphasize comfort, safety and the increased health benefits of proper spinal alignment. Experts involved in the development of The Slumbar Sprout™ include medical doctors, physiotherapists, registered nurses and other healthcare practitioners.

Why Do Moms Love It?

The Slumbar Sprout’s™ unique design has received critical acclaim from various associations and organizations that understand and emphasize the importance of feeling your best during pregnancy. This pillow’s ergonomic design uniquely supports and contours to the natural shape of mommy’s body to provide maximum support wherever you are. It’s portable size makes it easy to take it to work, yoga – wherever and whenever you need to relieve back pain, muscle tightness and improves circulation in order to keep you feeling your best.

Let’s Relish the Slumbar Sprout™ Support:

  • Sleeping with a Sprout™ pillow between your knees and underneath your growing stomach provides relief that can dramatically improve your sleep quality during pregnancy.
  • When eating, angle The Sprout™to support your tummy so it’s easier to digest your food, especially as baby grows and takes up so much more room. This will help minimize acid reflux.
  • Babies shift positions many times per day, and may come to rest on inconvenient places, like your bladder or your sciatic nerve – especially when you’re lying down. The Sprout™ helps with extra support.
  • Use it in the car or when traveling.
  • Use when nursing for additional support for both mom and baby.

We encourage you to explore the various other products that Slumbar Pillows offers – especially the Slumbar Axis which gently decreases headaches and neck pain. As an on-going leader and educative supporter of the American Pregnancy Association, they are demonstrating their commitment to furthering the mission of the APA and the women and families who turn to us for care and support.

Slumbar pregnancy pillow