Planning Your Pregnancy: The New Essential Guide to Getting Pregnant

The journey to parenthood for some happens quickly. For others, it takes more time and requires learning new information, a few lifestyle changes, and adjusting how you approach intimacy with each other.

Our goal is to help you conceive the love of your life. Getting pregnant may take more than just time and a few encounters with your partner to achieve conception. The American Pregnancy Association presents the most recent, reliable and practical information about how to get pregnant in our new book Planning Your Pregnancy: The New Essential Guide to Getting Pregnant. This information comes from a variety of sources including obstetrician/gynecologist physicians, labor and delivery nurses, medical research periodicals, websites and research scientists. It is intended to supplement the advice of your physician whom you should consult regarding your individual health and case.

The Essential Guide Helps Improve Your Ability to Conceive

Did you know the average healthy couple has about a 25 percent chance of achieving pregnancy each month? One in six couples experience fertility issues and may need to consider fertility treatments. The good news is, there’s a wide variety of factors you can improve that will enhance your ability to conceive, including age, diet, environment, weight and sperm health. The more a couple knows and understands about the woman’s menstrual cycle, the better chance they have of getting pregnant.

Our first piece of essential advice –enjoy the baby-making activities. If you don’t achieve pregnancy the first time or two, relax. Follow The New Essential Guide to Getting Pregnant, use the tools and give yourselves at least a year.

You Can Help Support Healthy Pregnancies Around the World

Your purchase of Planning Your Pregnancy: The New Essential Guide to Getting Pregnant helps fund the mission of the American Pregnancy Association to promote pregnancy wellness through education, support and community awareness.

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