NextGen Home Sperm Banking Kit

Thanks to modern technology, collecting and freezing sperm is now easier than ever with more men now choosing to preserve their fertility by banking their sperm. NextGen® offers a Home Sperm Banking Kit that provides a convenient, discreet, and reliable method for banking your sperm.

NextGen Home Sperm Banking Kit

Using this at-home kit, a sample of semen is collected in the privacy of your own home rather than having to do so in a clinic or lab setting. After collecting the sample, it is then shipped in a specially designed case to the Cleveland Clinic, one of the top andrology labs in the U.S. where your sperm will be frozen (cryopreserved) and kept for as long as you instruct. Sperm banking offers men the opportunity to preserve their fertility for the future. While sperm banking is an option for all men, it is especially helpful for

  • Men with certain types of cancer that requires surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, all of which can impact sperm quality and fertility
  • Men who are choosing to have a vasectomy, but desire to bank sperm in the event they decide to have additional children after the vasectomy
  • Men who are trying to conceive via assisted reproductive technologies (ART), but travel extensively or will be deployed by the military Although advances in technology have made sperm banking an excellent option for preserving fertility, collecting sperm in a clinical setting continues to be a daunting, stressful task for many men.

The NextGen Home Sperm Banking Kit, an at-home sperm collection system, removes the anxiety and emotional discomfort from this process. NextGen was developed by andrologists at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Columbus, Ohio, and is a reliable solution for collecting sperm and transporting it safely to the sperm banking facilities at the Cleveland Clinic. In addition the cryopreservation, you will receive a thorough semen analysis including data on your sperm count and motility.

How Are My Sperm Frozen?

Your sample will be placed into a number of specially designed vials that include a cryopreservative to protect your sperm during the process of freezing. Once placed in the freezing chamber, the temperature is lowered gradually. Samples are then maintained in a vapor phase for a brief time before they are submerged into liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius for long-term storage. Tests are run on a small sample to ensure the freezing process was successful and storage units are designed such that they are protected in the event of a power outage. Frozen samples have been used successfully for as long as 22 years in the cryopreservation chamber.

Can I Withdrawl my Sperm?

Withdrawals are simple and only require notification at least four weeks in advance if you or a family member wishes to do so. Your sample will then be mailed to the lab or doctor of your choosing ensuring the sperm is kept properly frozen until needed. Please note, there is a fee to withdraw your sample. You can rest assured that since 1980, the Cleveland Clinic has provided reputable and accredited sperm banking services. Their facility is routinely inspected and is in 100% compliance with all FDA guidelines.

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