Trying To Conceive

You can influence a number of factors that may affect conception and improve your chances of having a baby. From nutrition and lifestyle changes to at-home testing, let’s look at how to improve your likelihood of getting pregnant.


  1. What is gamete intrafallopian transfer(GIFT)

    Gamete intrafallopian tube transfer/transplantation is a method of assisting pregnancy, which includes removing the female egg and sperm and mixing it into the fallopian tube immediately. Unlike in vitro fertilization and intra-fallopian tube transplantation, the process of fertilization in gamete-fallopian... more...
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  1. How to Know if You are Pregnant
    The only way to know answer the question "Am I pregnant" is...
    Posted on: 10/21/2020
  2. How to Get Pregnant
    Let’s First Look at How Pregnancy Happens To get pregnant ovulation must take...
    Posted on: 10/02/2020
  3. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Fertility
    Bacterial Vaginosis or BV is the most common genital tract disorder in...
    Posted on: 09/07/2020
  4. Calculating Conception
    "When exactly did I get pregnant" is a difficult question to answer...
    Posted on: 08/23/2020
  5. Early Signs of Pregnancy
    Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy; however,...
    Posted on: 08/19/2020
  6. What is Implantation Bleeding?
    When the 6-12 days-old fertilized egg attaches to the interior lining of...
    Posted on: 07/06/2020
  7. 3 Stages of Pre-Pregnancy Detox for Couples
    Currently in the US, approximately 700 new chemicals are introduced each year....
    Posted on: 12/17/2019
  8. Fertility Test for Women
    When a couple has been unsuccessful at achieving pregnancy after one year,...
    Posted on: 04/24/2017
  9. Boost Your Fertility with Antioxidant Supplements
    Our modern world abounds with pregnancy-harming substances known as free radicals and...
    Posted on: 08/23/2019
  10. Developing a Fertility Life Plan
    Do you want kids? When would you like to have kids? How...
    Posted on: 03/24/2018
  11. How to Get and Keep a Healthy Sperm Count
    Are you and your partner struggling to get pregnant? Although it may...
    Posted on: 10/04/2019
  12. Fertility and Infertility FAQs
    There are a lot of myths surrounding issues of fertility and infertility....
    Posted on: 04/24/2017
  13. Fertility Lubricants
    Many couples use personal lubricants to enhance the pleasure and comfort of...
    Posted on: 09/17/2018
  14. Infertility Terms To Know
    The medical world has a language all its own. As you navigate...
    Posted on: 04/24/2018
  15. Male Fertility Testing After Vasectomy
    Male fertility testing after a vasectomy is a normal routine procedure.  The...
    Posted on: 10/19/2017
  16. Preconception Health for Women
    Pregnancy should not be considered a nine-month journey, but a yearlong journey....
    Posted on: 04/11/2018
  17. Preconception Nutrition
    Preconception nutrition research has shown that food and healthy nutrition are tied...
    Posted on: 04/24/2019
  18. Preconception Health: Being Prepared for the Unexpected
    Planning to get pregnant can be a powerful motivating factor to help...
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