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Salud y Bienestar Durante El Embarazo

Choosing an Obstetrician

Tips on Choosing an Obstetrician An obstetrician, also commonly called an OB/GYN, usually offers a variety of women’s health services, such as annual Pap tests.

Options for Unplanned Pregnancy

Is My Girlfriend Pregnant?

Finding out that your girlfriend is pregnant when it was not planned can be shocking, to say the least. She’s young, you’re young, and neither

Trastornos Genéticos y Defectos congénitos

Spina Bifida Test

Spina bifida is a neural tube defect that develops during the first month of pregnancy when the spinal column does not close completely. It affects

Quedar Embarazada

Infertility Terms To Know

The medical world has a language all its own. As you navigate through your fertility journey here are the key infertility terms to know. Common Infertility Terms

El Parto y Nacimiento

Las Comadronas

Las Comadronas: los Beneficios de Tener una Comadrona El termino comadrona o partera refleja una filosofía de cuidado que es dirigido hacia mujeres y sus

Salud y Bienestar Durante El Embarazo

La Hipertensión Arterial Durante el Embarazo

High blood pressure is a serious concern during pregnancy, especially for women who have chronic Hypertension. Chronic hypertension refers to high blood pressure which is