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ViaCord is a leading provider of high-quality cord blood banking and a trusted choice by families and OBs for 30 years. In addition to cord blood and tissue banking, ViaCord offers families a variety of DNA tests for health to help families plan for their future well-being.

Why we partner with them

ViaCord offers families:

Confidence and Trust

  • 30 years of cord blood banking experience and part of a publicly traded global healthcare company, Revvity (ticker: RVTY)
  • The only family bank accredited by the AABB for processing and storing newborn stem cells from both umbilical cord blood and cord tissue.

Proven Quality

  • Over 500,000 stem cell units have been processed and stored at ViaCord’s FDA Registered, AABB and CLIA accredited lab.
  • More than 500 families have used their banked cord blood in a transplant for regenerative medicine research.


  • Only ViaCord offers additional newborn genetic tests using cord blood to discover valuable health insights.
  • We extract stem cells before cryopreservation, resulting in 8 times more cord tissue cells.

When it comes to cord blood banking, ViaCord believes an informed decision is the best decision. That’s why they offer a free information guide that you can download on their website. It has answers to questions about cord blood banking that every parent asks.

Visit to learn more and get a free info guide.