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Pregnant moms and their children can feel great eating Safe Catch canned tuna and salmon because Safe Catch is the only company that tests every single fish for mercury. Safe Catch says “it may be good tuna, but if it doesn’t meet their purity standards, it’s not Safe Catch tuna.

Why we partner with them

Unlike brands that use conventional cooking methods that process away nutrients and use additives, Safe Catch believes that canned tuna should be simple and pure with no added fillers, preservatives, GMOs, or BPA.In each can of Safe Catch you are getting a pure and solid tuna steak that was cooked only once in the can to lock in all the natural oils and nutrients essential for growing minds and bodies.

Things we are doing together

The American Pregnancy Association and Safe Catch are teaming up to create delicious recipes to help pregnant moms have the nutrients they need to safeguard their health while providing their baby with essential proteins, healthy fats and other nutrients they need to develop and grow.