PeaPod, a line of natural supplements and products to support a healthy pregnancy are from our corporate sponsor Fairhaven Health.fair-haven-health-prenatal-vitamins-pills-tablets | American Pregnancy Association

Fairhaven Health is a leading provider of natural, doctor-designed products to support fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and overall women’s health. Fairhaven Health is ISO 13485-certified and distributes a wide range of dietary supplements and FDA-regulated medical devices. All Fairhaven Health supplements are manufactured in the United States under strict GMP conditions, using the highest quality ingredients available.

Fairhaven Health seeks to provide clinically-proven products that pay special attention to safety and promote fertility and wellness naturally. Experts involved in the development of these products include Ob/Gyns, nutritionists, naturopaths and fertility specialists.

Fairhaven Health offers products to help women throughout important life stages. They offer the broadest range of products to support fertility treatment ART protocols as well as to help couples conceive naturally. Once pregnancy is achieved, they provide doctor-designed prenatal supplements and their award-winning Milkies nursing products to help new moms meet their breastfeeding goals. Most recently, they launched their IsoLove brand of paraben-free, isotonic vaginal gels including an FDA-cleared fertility lubricant, a perineal massage gel and a pH balancing freshening gel. Fairhaven Health is committed to providing science-based products to support these most important life stages.