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Because more than 80 percent of adults snack regularly at night, Nightfood Nighttime Ice Cream was formulated by sleep experts to satisfy those pesky nighttime cravings in a better, healthier, more sleep-friendly way.

Why we partner with them

Pregnant moms have to snack!  With eight delicious flavors, Nightfood Nighttime Ice Cream is the best way for pregnant moms to solve those all-too-common ice cream cravings. For the mom-to-be, Nightfood’s sleep-friendly formulations deliver a more appropriate nutritional profile than anything else on the market.

Things we’re doing together

Healthy nutrition is vital to a healthy pregnancy journey. Ice Cream is the traditional food of pregnant women. That’s why Nightfood Nighttime Ice Cream is the Official Ice Cream of the American Pregnancy Association. Compared to regular ice cream, Nightfood is higher in fiber and protein, has more calcium, zinc, and magnesium, with less sugar and fewer calories. It’s also formulated to be easier to digest, uses no artificial sweeteners or erythritol, and contains ingredients that research indicates are effective against heartburn. Everything pregnant moms crave! Please visit their website if you would like to know more about Nightfood, where to buy or order.