Fetal Life is also committed to making pregnancy more interactive and fun, as well as to help answer questions and guide the pregnant mother during her beautiful nine-month journey.

Fetal Life has a mobile application, myFetalLife, especially for pregnant women as well as her loved ones and physicians, in order to further enhance the beauty and experience of pregnancy.

Download My Fetal Life at iOS,  or Android

Kick Counter

This feature of the application will allow a pregnant mother to log how many times her baby kicks per day. This number will be entered into the application (in the Kick Counter section) manually by the mother. The mother will also be able to go back to previous days to view how many times her baby kicked (if it had been recorded on that day)

Blood Glucose

This feature will allow the pregnant mother to keep track of her gestational diabetes. She will be able to manually enter her blood glucose level reading into the application after each test


Though pregnancy is a beautiful journey, oftentimes, it can be overwhelming. It is important for the mother to take the appropriate medications and vitamins on time and in a proper manner. This feature of the application will allow the pregnant mother to keep track of the medications she needs to take. She will be able to manually enter the frequency of when she must take a certain medication; the application will notify her with reminder alerts at the time when she must take her medicine

Meal Recommender

This feature of the mobile application will help the pregnant mother take care of diet, based on the condition of her pregnancy. Using artificial intelligence technology, myFetalLife Meal Recommendations will provide a variety of specific meal options for the mother based on her allergies, likes and dislikes, and pregnancy information

FAQ/Chat Bot

The myFetalLife application leverages patented AI natural language processes and algorithms to help answer questions and provide guidance to the users of the app.

Due Date Challenge

This challenge is a patent pending feature which allows friends and family to guess on the actual due date of the baby, adding another interactive aspect to the app.

Community/ Forum

myFetalLife’s interactive Community feature lets pregnant mothers share their stories, questions, and concerns with other pregnant mothers from across the world.

Weight Tracker

Weight is an important measure to keep track of during pregnancy and can even help identify health concerns such as gestational diabetes. Pregnant mothers can track their weights during pregnancy with the myFetalLife Weight Tracker.

Contraction Measurement

Contractions usually occur in the third trimester, signaling that it’s time to go into labor. Braxton Hicks (false positive) contractions are very common and myFetalLife’s Contractions feature helps combat this issue. Pregnant mothers can use this feature to record the intensity, frequency, and duration of the contractions they have in order to make well-informed decisions about their pregnancies and Braxton Hicks related hospital visits.