Fairhaven Health

Fairhaven Health is a Corporate Sponsor of the American Pregnancy Association.  As an on-going sponsor, Fairhaven is demonstrating their commitment to support the mission of APA and the women and families who turn to us for care and support.

Fairhaven Health seeks to provide clinically-proven products that pay special attention to safety and promote fertility and wellness naturally.  Experts involved in the development of these products include Ob/Gyns, nutritionists, naturopaths and fertility specialists.

Fairhaven Health has introduced a series of products design to support conception naturally.  Things are always changing and growing with some of the current products including FertilAid, FertileCM, FertiliTea, and Pregnancy Plus.  Their commitment is to create quality products that support the natural efforts and the body’s natural functions when it comes to trying to conceive.

Fairhaven Health is committed to quality, efficacy and a holistic product.  All of their supplement products are based on clinically-established science and all manufacturing is governed by strict GMP standards and third-party quality testing.

The American Pregnancy Association is honored to have Fairhaven Health as a supporter of the mission and the families turning to APA for help.  If you would like to know more about Fairhaven Health, please visit their website noted here.