Questions to Ask Before Choosing Adoption

If you are struggling with the question of whether or not to place your child for adoption, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I able to give a child what he/she requires?
  • Would I have to depend on parental or family help?
  • Can I raise a child and at the same time meet my own needs such as finishing school, starting a career, or providing for my other kids?
  • Am I ready in every way to become a good parent on my own?
  • How would a child affect what I want to achieve and to experience in life?
  • Would I be able to handle a child and a job and/or school at the same time?
  • An example of something I would have to give up by having my child with me would be____________.
  • Am I willing to cut back on my social life if necessary?
  • How badly would I miss my free time and privacy?
  • Can I afford to support a child financially? How would I pay for rent, clothing, food, diapers, and other additional living expenses?
  • Do I want to raise a child in my current neighborhood? Where do I plan to live in the future?
  • Do I want my child to follow my example?
  • Am I expecting my child to make my life happier and to love me?
  • When I am around small children, ask what it would be like to have a two-year-old around ALL the time?
  • How would I treat a child if I lost my temper or became angry?
  • How would I discipline a toddler?
  • How would I provide for my child’s health and safety?
  • Do I enjoy teaching others?
  • How would I feel knowing that my child is with someone else?
  • Can I accept knowing that someone else is raising my child?

You may find it helpful to discuss your questions with an Adoption Professional.

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