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Getting Your Baby to Sleep

Sleep is crucial to the development of your baby’s brain just as nutrition is essential to the development of your baby’s body. Let’s look at

What to Feed Your Toddler

Good nutrition gives your toddler what they need for growth, health, and energy for playing, moving, and learning. As they grow, toddlers can enjoy a

paternity leave | American Pregnancy Association
The First Year

Paternity Leave

Paternity leave is the time a father or partner takes off from work after the birth or adoption of their child. The U.S. currently doesn’t

Baby formula | American Pregnancy Association

Baby Formula Shortage

Parents across the country are struggling to find baby formula due to a nationwide shortage. Here is what parents need to know about the baby


Depression During Pregnancy

Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the happiest times of a woman’s life, but for many women, this is a