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Salmon Frittatas

Salmon Frittatas are an easy way pregnant moms can add protein and a host of flavors to their pregnancy eating plan. Salmon Frittata Salmon Frittata the Protein Brunch for All... more...
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Easy Tuna Salad

Tuna salad is a healthy meal for pregnant moms because it supplies protein, good fats and essential Omega-3s. Easy Tuna Salad Recipe The best tuna salad starts with simple ingredients,... more...
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Apple Harvest Tuna Salad

The crisp apples and pecans in this Apple Harvest Tuna Salad will delight any pregnant mom's taste buds. Apple Harvest Tuna Salad Cold Tuna Salad is a deliciously classic dish.... more...
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Savory Ants on a Log

Pregnant moms and kids love tuna and ants on a log. It's fun, healthy and creative snack. Savory Ants on a Log This recipe was developed for the American Pregnancy... more...
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