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spotting during pregnancy
Pregnancy Concerns

Spotting During Pregnancy

Spotting is when you see a light or trace amount of pink, red or dark brown blood. It will be lighter than your menstrual period

COVID-19 vaccine | American Pregnancy Association
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COVID-19 Vaccines and Pregnancy

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has given its emergency use approval of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine for use in individuals 16+ years

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Pregnancy Concerns

Remedies for Migraines During Pregnancy

How a pregnancy might affect your migraine and how you will manage is a common question for women who have migraine and are trying to get or are pregnant. Key issues include what medicines are safe to use and whether your attacks will change, including whether you will have aura for the first time.

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Pregnancy Concerns

Coronavirus During Pregnancy

The Centers for Disease Control has updated their risk assessment regarding Coronavirus during pregnancy.  The CDC previously stated your risk during pregnancy was low. Now

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Pregnancy Concerns

Ultrasound: Sonogram

What is an Ultrasound Exam? This procedure uses high-frequency sound waves to scan a woman’s abdomen and pelvic cavity, creating a picture (sonogram) of the