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Probiotics During Pregnancy

Are probiotics essential during pregnancy? Probiotics are living microorganisms, the majority of which are bacteria followed by yeast. They are similar to the naturally occurring microorganisms found in the intestines,... more...
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Prenatal Tests

Prenatal tests are important because they give your doctor a good idea of how healthy you are and what type of problems you are most likely to experience during your... more...
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COVID-19 and Breastfeeding

Should mothers with symptoms of COVID-19 start or continue breastfeeding? You, along with your family and healthcare providers, should decide whether and how to start or continue breastfeeding. Breast milk... more...
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Coronavirus During Pregnancy

The Centers for Disease Control has updated their risk assessment regarding Coronavirus during pregnancy.  The CDC previously stated your risk during pregnancy was low. Now they state "pregnant people might... more...
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Postpartum Recovery

The first six weeks after the delivery of your baby are considered your “recovery” period, eight weeks if you had a cesarean section. But some believe recovery lasts for six... more...
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