Image of couple choosing an adoption agency

Choosing an adoption agency and/or an attorney is a task involving a number of considerations. It is important to select the adoption professional that is the best fit for your circumstances. The following are some suggestions for making a good choice in the search for an adoption professional.

Tips on Choosing Your Adoption Agency

  • Get referrals from friends or others that have adopted or have placed their child for adoption
  • Ask how long the attorney or agency has been working in adoption
  • Find out what services they provide before and after the adoption
  • Find out the full extent of your financial obligations and costs of adoption
  • If relevant, ask if the agency places minority or biracial children
  • Ask the adoption agency for a list of referrals
  • Determine if the adoption professional works with an open or closed adoption and the attorney’s views and experience with both types
  • Inquire about the availability and credibility of counseling
  • Learn about the adoption plan, contract, and decrees
  • See what procedures are in place to determine the health and stability of the adoptive parents.

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