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Every Day in the United States:
  • 5,479 couples struggling through infertility
  • 5,690 expecting mothers have a pregnancy complication
  • 5,194 couples experience a pregnancy-related loss
  • 1,369 babies enter the NICU
  • 876 babies are born prematurely

The American Pregnancy Association was established in 1996 to make motherhood a healthy reality and to create positive pregnancy outcomes through education, research, support and access to care.

We engage women via our website and toll-free Pregnancy Helpline

  • The website features nearly 700 educational articles on the complete spectrum of pregnancy – including how to achieve a pregnancy, a healthy pregnancy journey, labor and delivery, and three-months post-partum. We also educate visitors about contraception, abstinence and how to avoid unplanned pregnancies.
  • Our education content team continuously resources late-breaking research, news and products to craft articles for the site and a weekly e-newsletter. SEO optimization makes it easy to find our information from key word searches.
  • The Pregnancy Helpline is a professional call center staffed by experience labor and delivery registered nurses and trained pregnancy educators. This team take calls and website chats from across the United States and 40 countries. Topics range from the possibility of pregnancy; options for an unplanned pregnancy; fertility challenges; to issues being experienced by a pregnant or post-partum mother.

The American Pregnancy Association is a national pregnancy health organization committed to positive pregnancy outcomes by providing education,  research, support and access to care. Your donation makes this possible.

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