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leachco-pillow-total-body-wrap-around-pregnant | American Pregnancy Association
Healthy Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Pillow For Pregnancy (VIDEO)

As your pregnancy progresses, you find it more and more difficult to get comfortable enough to rest. It is time to think about the best pregnancy pillow for your pregnancy.

vitamin-B-in-pregnancy | American Pregnancy Association
Your Developing Baby

Roles of Vitamin B in Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy & balanced diet at all stages of life is important, but when you’re pregnant you have even more reason to take care

teen pregnancy issues | American Pregnancy Association
Unplanned Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Issues and Challenges

Let’s be honest – going through a teen pregnancy is probably not going to be easy. However, it is definitely possible. Young women like you

pregnant black teen | American Pregnancy Association
Options for Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnant Teen

Being a pregnant teen can be overwhelming, confusing, and scary. You are not alone; there are around 500,000 pregnant teens in the USA every year.

is my girlfriend pregnant | American Pregnancy Association
Options for Unplanned Pregnancy

Is My Girlfriend Pregnant?

Finding out that your girlfriend is pregnant when it was not planned can be shocking, to say the least. She’s young, you’re young, and neither

Teen-pregnancy | American Pregnancy Association
Unplanned Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy

A teenage pregnancy, as defined by the American Pregnancy Association, is a pregnancy that occurs for a woman under the age of 20.  Although technically

7 common discomforts of pregnancy | American Pregnancy Association
Pregnancy Concerns

Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

What you need to know, what no one tells you before you get pregnant, is “Pregnancy is amazing, except when it’s not!” There are many