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creating-your-birth-plan | American Pregnancy Association
Labor and Birth

Creating Your Birth Plan

The “perfect” birth plan is: a happy, healthy mom and a happy healthy baby.  But when thinking through how you want your child’s birth to

Developing-a-fertility-life-plan-illustration | American Pregnancy Association

Developing a Fertility Life Plan

Do you want kids? When would you like to have kids? How many kids would you like? The right time to reflect on such questions

mother-father-newborn-birth-center | American Pregnancy Association
Labor and Birth

Birth Centers

Today, women have more options than ever to find and select a suitable birth center. Options include increasing numbers of hospitals, obstetricians, and midwives that

Congenital-cmv | American Pregnancy Association
Genetic Disorders & Birth Defects

Congenital CMV and Birth Defects

Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, is a very common member of the herpes family of viruses. By age 40, half of the adult population has been infected

birth-control-pills | American Pregnancy Association
Birth Control Pills, Patches & Devices

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills also called oral contraceptives use synthetic hormones to prevent pregnancy. What are the different kinds of birth control pills? The minipill contains

pregnant-woman-hands-on-pregnant-stomach-talking-to midwife | American Pregnancy Association
Labor and Birth

A Doula Is Your Birth Friend Forever (BFFs)

Ginny’s unplanned pregnancy changed her life and sparked a new passion for helping women achieve a wonderful birth experience. Love, Breathe, Just Doula Ginny Phang’s story