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What causes miscarriage?

The most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormality – meaning something is wrong with the baby’s chromosomes and it’s not developing normally. Most chromosomal

What does a miscarriage look like?

Vaginal bleeding is the most common sign of miscarriage. This can vary from light spotting to a heavy bleed depending on how many weeks pregnant

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Pregnancy Loss

Symptoms & Signs of Miscarriage

A pregnancy that ends on its own within the first 20 weeks of gestation is called a miscarriage. Miscarriage symptoms that occur before, or during,

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After a Miscarriage

Surviving a pregnancy loss can be very difficult. After a miscarriage, you may experience a roller coaster of emotions, as well as physical symptoms, as

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Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy After Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, making the decision to try for another pregnancy can be difficult. It is natural to want to become pregnant again right away

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D&C Procedure After a Miscarriage

What is a D&C Procedure? A D&C, also known as dilation and curettage, is a surgical procedure often performed after a first-trimester miscarriage. In a D&C,