Pregnancy Week 27

Mother who is 27 weeks pregnant


27 Weeks Pregnant: The 27th Week Of Pregnancy

Congratulations! You are now entering your third trimester. Here is what you might experience in the upcoming week.

Pregnancy Week 27: What changes are occurring with your body?

By this point in your pregnancy you are feeling your baby move quite a lot. Some of his/her movements could be due to hiccups, while others feel like he/she is participating in an aerobic workout. Many women find these movements very comforting, and these often help strengthen the bonding process between mother and child.

Many women ask questions concerning how often they should feel their baby move. Later in pregnancy you may be asked to calculate your baby’s kick count, but now you just want to make general comparisons. If your baby seems less active than normal, then you would want to discuss this with your healthcare provider.*

Pregnancy Week 27: How big is your baby?

Your baby is now 13 ¾ inches (35 cm) long and weighs 2¼ pounds (1 kg).*

Pregnancy Week 27: What is happening with your baby?

Around week 11 your baby’s eye lids became fused, but around the 27th to 28th week babies can open and close their eyes. Your baby has also developed a regular wake and sleep cycle. Unfortunately, it may not be the same as yours. You may also begin to feel rhythmic movements in your uterus and wonder what is going on. It is likely that your baby is experiencing a case of the hiccups. This is completely normal and may occur quite frequently during this last part of your pregnancy as your baby’s lungs continue to mature. *

What should you plan for this week?

If you have not made arrangements for childbirth classes, now is the time. Remember that you want to have them completed by the time you have finished 37 weeks. Talk with your healthcare provider about organizations that offer this type of classes. If you are a single mom, you may want to ask a friend, family member, or doula to be your partner, or you might attend a special class designed for single women.

We have provided links to some of the national organizations that provide childbirth classes–check them out to see what is offered in your area.

Tips for making your pregnancy better:

Did you know that the vast majority of hospitals require you to have an infant car seat before they will allow your baby to go home with you? If you have not picked out a car seat or a restraint system, it is time to begin. Talk with other moms who have been in your shoes and see what products they recommend. Talk with a pediatrician to find out what recommendations he/she has. There are many choices to choose from, but you want to find something that works for you and your situation.

Another thing to remember is to make sure that the car seat will fit in your car and is installed properly. Contact a local car seat technician who will help make sure your seat is installed correctly and can answer questions about proper use.

Tips for mom’s partner:

As your partner progresses through these last several weeks of pregnancy, there may be certain household chores that become difficult and even dangerous for her to do. Offer to help her out with things like placing items on high shelves and cleaning the bathtub or toilet. These small gestures can make a huge difference.

Last Updated: 1/2013