Abortion Laws by State

Abortion Laws by State
State Parental Parental Restrictions on Counseling &  State-Funded
Notification Consent Late-term Abortions Mandatory Wait Abortions  
Alabama   Operational Operational 24 hours   
Alaska   Enjoined   Counseling Only Operational
Arizona   Operational   Operational  
Arkansas Operational   Operational 24 hours  
California   Enjoined   Counseling Only Operational
Colorado Operational     Counseling Only  
Connecticut     Operational   Operational
Delaware Operational   Enjoined Enjoined  
District of Columbia          
Florida Enjoined   Operational    
Georgia Operational   Operational    
Hawaii         Operational
Idaho   Operational Operational 24 hours  
Illinois Enjoined       Operational
Indiana   Operational Operational 18 hours**  
Iowa Operational        
Kansas Operational     24 hours  
Kentucky   Operational   24 hours  
Louisiana   Operational   24 hours **  
Maine       Counseling Only  
Maryland Operational   Operational   Operational
Massachusetts   Operational Operational Enjoined Operational
Michigan   Operational   24 hours  
Minnesota Operational   Enjoined 24 hours Operational
Mississippi   Operational   24 hours **  
Missouri   Operational   Enjoined  
Montana Enjoined   Operational Enjoined Operational
Nebraska Operational     24 hours  
Nevada Enjoined   Operational Counseling Only  
New Hampshire Enjoined        
New Jersey Enjoined       Operational
New Mexico   Enjoined     Operational
New York     Operational   Operational
North Carolina   Operational Operational    
North Dakota   Operational   24 hours  
Ohio Operational Enjoined Enjoined 24 hours  
Oklahoma Enjoined        
Oregon         Operational
Pennsylvania   Operational Operational 24 hours  
Rhode Island   Operational Operational Counseling Only  
South Carolina   Operational Operational 1 hour  
South Dakota Operational   Operational 24 hours  
Tennessee   Operational   Enjoined  
Texas Operational   Operational 24 hours  
Utah Operational   Enjoined 24 hours **  
Vermont         Operational
Virginia   Operational Operational 24 hours  
Washington         Operational
West Virginia Operational     24 hours Operational
Wisconsin   Operational   24 hours **  
Wyoming   Operational      
Operational: Law is currently in effect & operates according to the intent of the original legislation.
Enjoined: State court has prohibited from being in effect because they say the restrictions violate their state constitution.
Pending: Law is not currently in effect.
Restrictions on Late-Term Abortions: There are limits on postviability abortions in accordance with U.S. Supreme Court requirements allowing them when necessary to preserve the women’s life or health. There are 17 states that have additional laws regarding post viablity abortions. 
Mandatory Wait: Women must have state-directed counseling and wait for the specified time prior to the abortion.
24 Hours ** : Two visits to a health care provider are required because the counseling must be provided orally and in person.
Counseling Only: Must get state-directed counseling in order to get an abortion, but there is not a waiting period required.
NOTE: Each state provides state-funded abortions to the extent dictated by the 1993 Clinton regulations (rape, incest, & life of the mother).  States that offer financial assistance in addition to these circumstances are differentiated by “Operational”.
Source: Alan Guttmacher Institute, Facts in Brief, April 2004