Single Parenting

Single parenting

Parenthood together with a career or schooling is a great challenge. The following are ways that allow you as a single parent to take advantage of things within your reach in order to make the most out of your assets and resources.

Find a Parenting Support in your area

Simple Ideas Lead to Simple Solutions:

  • Take care of your neighbors’ pets when they go out of town for additional income.
  • Visit your local Women Infant Children (WIC) office and apply for assistance. To find the nearest WIC office, call 1-800-942-3678.
  • Shop at surplus, outlet, and thrift stores.
  • Babysit or tutor students after school. Attract business by charging a lower rate than other sources.
  • Sell products from home through Mary Kay (, Jafra (, Avon (, Pampered Chef (, Tupperware (, Creative Memories (, Longaberger Baskets (, Scentsy ( ), etc.
  • Go to local garage sales.
  • Clip coupons for what you need.
  • Market any special skills you might have. Some examples:
    • During wedding or prom seasons, offer to cut and/or style hair. Consider selling baked goods for extra cash.
    • Dust off that old sewing machine and do hemming and simple alterations for extra money.
    • Write resumes or edit school term papers for what others will pay you.
Last Updated: 1/2014